Brent Jury Explains the Farrier’s Work

A farrier is a professional who shoes horses. The word “farrier” comes from the Latin word for iron, ferrum. Farriers use both hot and cold methods to shape horseshoes.

They also use a variety of tools, including hammers, rasps and files. Brent Jury is a farrier in Australia. In this video, he explains the farrier’s work.

As a horse owner, you want your equine partner to be healthy and comfortable. That’s why regular hoof care is essential. The farrier’s work helps ensure that your horse’s feet are properly trimmed and balanced, which can prevent lameness and other problems.

In this blog post, Brent Jury explains the farrier’s work in detail. He discusses how the farrier trims the hoof, balances the foot, and shapes the shoe to fit the foot. He also describes how different horses have different needs when it comes to hoof care.

By understanding the farrier’s work, you can help ensure that your horse has healthy feet for years to come!


HOW TO SHOE A HORSES HOOF- CHANGING SHOES – I find out what a farrier does- Retraining a Racehorse

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Brent Jury Explains the Farrier’S Work


What Does the Farrier Do

A farrier is a specialist in horse hoof care. They trim and file the horse’s hooves, and apply horseshoes when necessary. Farriers also treat any issues that may arise with the horse’s hooves, such as abscesses or cracks.

This Includes Trimming And Balancing the Hooves, As Well As Applying Shoes If Necessary

A horse’s hoof is similar to a human fingernail in that it continually grows and needs to be trimmed on a regular basis. The trimming process involves using a rasp (a tool similar to a file) to even out the hoof and remove any excess growth. Balancing the hooves is also important, as this helps ensure that the horse can walk and run properly without putting undue strain on its legs.

Shoes may also be applied if necessary, although this is typically only done for horses that are used for racing or other high-impact activities.


Brent Jury is a farrier who explains the work that he and other farriers do. He describes how they trim and shoe horses’ hooves, and how they use different types of shoes for different purposes. He also talks about the importance of keeping horses’ hooves healthy and how farriers can help prevent problems like laminitis.


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