Cavalia Horse Show

Cavalia is a horse show like no other. It is a stunning display of equestrian artistry, featuring some of the world’s most magnificent horses and riders. The show is set to an original score, with live musicians playing traditional and contemporary instruments from around the globe.

Cavalia is truly a feast for the senses and an unforgettable experience for all who see it.
The Cavalia horse show is a spectacular event that combines horses’ beauty with riders’ skill. The horses are breathtaking to watch as they perform tricks and dance to music. The riders are also very talented, and it’s fantastic to see them control the horses so well.

This show is worth seeing if you have the chance!

Is Cavalia a Cirque Du Soleil Show?

Cavalia is a Canadian entertainment company specialising in creating and producing large-scale equestrian shows. The company was founded in 2003 by Normand Latourelle, one of the co-founders of Cirque du Soleil. Cavalia’s first show, “Odysseo,” premiered in 2004 and has since been performed over 3,000 times in front of more than four million spectators in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

While Cavalia does share some similarities with Cirque du Soleil (namely, their focus on delivering a high-quality, visually stunning performance), there are also several key ways in which the two companies differ. For one, while Cirque du Soleil performers are acrobats who primarily rely on their physical strength and dexterity to execute their stunts, Cavalia’s horse trainers and riders are true athletes who must possess both physical strength and riding skills. In addition, Cavalia performances always feature at least 50 live horses onstage (in comparison to the 0-2 live animals typically used in Cirque du Soleil shows), which brings an additional level of complexity (and risk) to the production.

Finally, while Cirque du Soleil tickets typically start around $50-USD 100 per person, Cavalia’s “Odysseo” ticket prices range from $99-USD 250 per person – making it one of the most expensive circus tickets available today.

How are Cavalia Horses Trained?

In-hand work involves leading the horse around with a lead rope, teaching it to respond to basic commands such as ‘walk’, ‘stop’ and ‘turn’. Groundwork is similar to in-hand work but includes working the horse from behind, asking it to move its hindquarters or forequarters away from you. This helps the horse learn to listen to your cues even when you’re not directly in front of it.

Riding is the third way to train a Cavalia horse and involves sitting on its back and asking it to perform various movements such as walk, trot, canter or gallop. Most Cavalia horses will go through all three stages of training before they are ready for performance. However, some horses may only need groundwork or riding if they already have experience with these things in their previous life (for example, if they were used as police or racing horse).

When you’re packing for a horse show, there are some essential items you’ll need to bring. Here’s a list of what to pack for a successful and enjoyable stay-away horse show: First and foremost, you’ll need to get your horse!

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and travel documents in order. If your trailer is large enough, pack hay and grain, so you don’t have to buy them at the showgrounds. You’ll also need buckets, water, brushes, a hoof pick, a first aid kit, fly spray and rags.

For tack, you’ll need a bridle, bit, reins, saddle with a pad or numnah (girth not essential if using Western), breastplate or martingale (again, not necessary for Western), spurs (if the rider is over 18 years old), whip and lead rope. Only a halter and leadline are needed if showing in-hand or riding bareback/in western dressage classes. Don’t forget to pack your helmet, too – safety should always come first!

You’ll also need to bring appropriate clothing for yourself and your horse. For yourself, think about the weather conditions and plan accordingly – remember that layering is always best as it can be challenging to predict how warm or cold it will be when competing later in the day. A breeches/jodhpurs/riding tights/denim jeans with long socks or half chaps are ideal; avoid anything loose fitting as it can get caught on your tack or stirrups.

Depending on the weather, a tailored shirt or polo shirt with either a jacket or vest will complete your look whilst still allowing you to ride comfortably. Remember that closed-toe shoes are compulsory when mounted – no sandals! As for your horse, they usually wear their average rug, but if showing in-hand, they may require something special such as an in-hand bridle & headcollar combo specifically designed not to rub their coat.

Who Created Cavalia?

Cavalia was created by Normand Latourelle, a former Cirque du Soleil founder and director. The company began touring North America in 2003 with its first show, Cavalia. The show features equestrian and acrobatic performances set to music, with a cast of over 50 horses and riders.

Cavalia Horse Show Schedule

The riders wear colourful costumes, and the sets are beautiful and elaborate. Cavalia is truly a feast for the senses! The Cavalia horse show schedule varies depending on where the show is playing.

Currently, the North American tour dates are as follows: May 2 – Seattle, WA, May 5 – Portland, OR

May 8 – Sacramento, CA May 11 – San Francisco, CA June 1 – Los Angeles, CA

June 4 – San Diego, CA Those are just the upcoming shows in North America- check the website for international tour dates! Tickets start at $ 39.99 for adults and $19.99 for children under 12 years old.

VIP tickets are also available starting at $69.99 USD, including access to a private lounge and other perks.

What Happened to Cavalia

When you think of Cavalia, you might think of the massive white tents that dotted North America’s landscape a decade ago. For a time, it seemed like this French-Canadian company was everywhere, with their signature show, Odysseo, wowing audiences across the continent. But in recent years, Cavalia has been conspicuously absent from the United States – so what happened?

The simple answer is that Odysseo’s massive set-up requires a lot of space, and there aren’t that many venues in the US that can accommodate it. The more complicated answer involves changes in both the economy and the circus industry as a whole.

In 2008, when Cavalia first brought Odysseo to American audiences, the economy was booming. Companies were eager to sponsor lavish events like Cavalia, and people had disposable income to spend on tickets. But by 2012, things had changed dramatically.

The Great Recession hit hard, and suddenly corporate sponsorships dried up, and ticket sales plummeted. At the same time, Cirque du Soleil was making waves with their more intimate shows that didn’t require such large venues. They quickly became THE name in live entertainment, leaving companies like Cavalia struggling to compete.

So while there are many factors at play here, ultimately, it comes down to economics: when times are tough, people don’t have as much money to spend on luxury items like circus tickets. So what does the future hold for Cavalia? Only time will tell – but we hope they find their way back to American shores soon!

Cavalia Horse Show 2022 Tickets

Cavalia’s Odysseo is a monumental show celebrating the horse in all its majesty and magnificence. It is a must-see for any horse lover, and tickets are now on sale for the 2022 season! Odysseo features 65 horses of various breeds and 50 riders, acrobats, aerialists, and musicians.

The two-hour show takes place in a specially designed tent with a life-size carousel and a full-sized merry-go-round. The horses are the show stars, performing tricks and feats of athleticism that will amaze you. They jump through hoops, dance to music, gallop across the stage, and even lie down on command!

The riders are also incredibly talented and showcase their skills in riding bareback and performing complex manoeuvres. The acrobats add an element of danger as they flip and soar through the air, while the aerialists provide beauty as they gracefully fly overhead. And it’s all set to an original score that will leave you wanting more.

Cavalia’s Odysseo is an unforgettable experience you won’t miss! Tickets start at $49 for adults and $29 for children 12 and under. Order your tickets today at!


The world’s most talented equestrians and horses perform fantastic athleticism and artistry feats. Cavalia is a must-see for any horse lover or fan of the performing arts.

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