Curly Haired Horse

A curly haired horse is a breed of horse that has a unique, wavy coat. The most common breed of this type of horse is the American Bashkir Curly, which originated in Russia and was brought to America by early settlers. Other breeds include the Peruvian Paso, Missouri Fox Trotter, and Icelandic Horse.

All have an unusual coat pattern with tight curls or waves throughout their body. Because they are naturally adapted to cold climates, curly horses can be kept outdoors year round without having to provide additional shelter from weather elements such as wind and rain. They also produce less sweat than other breeds due to their thick coats, making them better suited for work in hot conditions as well as general riding activities like trail riding or dressage shows.

The curly-haired horse is a unique breed of horse with its distinctively wavy coat. Generally, the texture and volume of their hair is much thicker than other breeds of horses and can range from tightly curled to very loose ringlets. Curly-haired horses are typically gentle in temperament, hardy in nature, and easy to train due to their intelligence.

They make excellent companions for both experienced riders and novice riders alike as they tend to be docile yet responsive. If you’re looking for an uncommon breed that will stand out in the crowd while making an excellent riding companion – consider a curly-haired horse!


Are Curly Horses Rare?

Curly horses are a rare breed of horse. They have a unique coat that is composed of tight curls and waves. – Curly horses are thought to be the descendants of primitive wild horses found in Asia and North America centuries ago.

– Their distinct coats help them survive cold weather due to its insulation quality, which makes them well suited for colder climates. – The exact number of curly horses is unknown but they are listed as endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC). – Breeders work hard to conserve this unique breed since their numbers are so low, making owning a curly horse an exclusive experience for some potential owners.

How Much Does a Curly Horse Cost?

The cost of a Curly Horse can vary greatly. Generally, you should expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 for a well-bred Curly Horse. Factors influencing the price include age, gender and pedigree.

Factors that Affect Price: • Age – Younger horses typically cost less than older ones. • Gender – Mares are usually more expensive than geldings or stallions.

• Pedigree – Horses with prestigious bloodlines tend to command higher prices.

Are Bashkir Curly Horses Rare?

Bashkir Curly horses are rare. They are estimated to have a global population of fewer than 3,000. Characterized by their curly coats, these horses have unique genetic traits that make them sought-after and valuable.

Here are some key characteristics of Bashkir Curlies: • Naturally hypoallergenic coat • Hardy breed with low maintenance needs

• Long life expectancy (up to 30 years) • Docile temperaments and friendly dispositions Due to their rarity, Bashkir Curly horses can be difficult to find but they remain popular among horse enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and hardiness of this unique breed.

What Does It Mean When a Horse Has Curly Hair?

A horse with curly hair is known as a ‘Curly Horse’. The coat of the Curly Horse is made up of tight, small curls or ringlets that are wavy in appearance. These horses have several distinct characteristics:

* Mane and tail tend to be fuller than other breeds * Coat may feel oily and warm due to its natural oils * Hypoallergenic; usually does not cause any allergic reaction

* Temperature regulation ability; able to cope with both hot & cold climates better. Curly Horses can come in all sizes, colors, and conformations – from miniatures to draft types. They are also known for their gentle temperament and intelligence, making them great companions on trails or in the show ring.

American Bashkir Curly Horses | Eye-Catching Hypoallergenic

Bashkir Curly Horse for Sale

The Bashkir Curly Horse is known for its intelligence, athleticism and gentle nature. Native to the Ural Mountains in Russia, these horses are very hardy and can thrive in even the coldest climates. These horses have a unique coat pattern that gives their coats a curly appearance all year round.

If you’re looking for an intelligent and versatile horse that’s low maintenance and easy to care for, then this breed might be just what you’re looking for! There are many reputable breeders offering Bashkir Curly Horses for sale across the United States, so finding one near you should be easy.

Bashkir Curly Horse Colors

The Bashkir Curly Horse is a breed of horse known for its curly coat and unique coloration. The most common colors are black, bay, chestnut, dun, buckskin and palomino. However some rarer variations include roan or pinto patterns with white markings on the legs and face.

These horses range in size from 14 to 16 hands high and have an impressive muscular build that makes them well-suited for a variety of equestrian pursuits.

Curly Horse Size

The curly horse is a breed of horse that has an unusual, tightly-curled coat. These horses are typically smaller than other breeds, with an average height ranging between 13 and 15 hands (52 to 60 inches). This makes them ideal for children or adults who want a small equine companion without sacrificing power and versatility.

The distinct look of the curly coat also adds visual appeal and helps attract attention in the show ring.

What are Curly Horses Used for

Curly Horses are a unique breed of horse that are well known for their distinctive curly coats and friendly dispositions. They have been used throughout history for a variety of purposes, such as light farm work, riding, trail riding, competitive events like dressage and show jumping, and even therapy or therapeutic riding programs. Curly Horses are incredibly versatile animals and can make wonderful companions to any equine enthusiast!


The Curly Haired Horse is a unique horse breed that boasts many desirable characteristics. It has a pleasant temperament, an impressive curly coat, and strong muscles for riding. This breed of horse is perfect for riders who want something special in their equine companion.

With its good looks, friendly nature, and reliable strength, the Curly Haired Horse can be just the right partner to help bring out your best performance on the trail or in the show ring.


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