Dark Horse Rose

Dark Horse Rose is a hybrid rose variety developed in 1999 by William Warriner, an American horticulturist. It is the result of crossing two classic roses: the floribunda ‘Livin’ Easy’ and the hybrid tea ‘Fragrant Cloud’. Dark Horse Rose features large, velvety blooms with deep red petals that have a hint of purple in them.

The plant can reach up to 4 feet tall and has glossy green foliage. It’s also very resistant to disease and drought tolerant, making it an ideal choice for gardeners who want a hardy flowering shrub or hedge. Its sweet fragrance attracts pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds.

Despite its beauty, dark horse rose can be difficult to find as it isn’t widely available commercially; however, you may be able to find this particular cultivar at specialty nurseries or through online vendors specializing in rare varieties of roses.

Dark Horse Rose is a delicious, limited edition rose wine made by the Dark Horse winery in California. This light and refreshing rosé has aromas of ripe strawberry and cherry, with notes of watermelon and citrus. With its smooth texture and crisp finish, this full-bodied wine pairs perfectly with summer salads or grilled seafood dishes.

Whether it’s enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite food, Dark Horse Rose is sure to be a hit among friends and family!


Is Dark Horse Rose Dry Or Sweet?

Dark Horse Rose is a dry rose wine. It has flavors of tart red berries and citrus, balanced by a crisp acidity that leaves the palate refreshed. Characteristics of Dark Horse Rose:

– Dry finish with low residual sugar – Aromas of ripe strawberries, cherries, and raspberries – Subtle notes of lemon zest and herbs on the palate

– Crisp acidity for a refreshing finish Overall, Dark Horse Rose is an easy drinking yet complex wine perfect for pairing with light meals or sipping on its own.

What Grapes are in Dark Horse Rose?

Dark Horse Rose is a red blend of grapes that includes Merlot, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. The combination of these four grape varieties creates a wine with intense aromas and flavors: * Merlot – adds soft tannins and dark fruit notes

* Syrah – contributes black pepper spice and dark berry flavors * Petite Sirah – lends deep color, structure, and hints of blueberry jam * Zinfandel – adds boldness to the palate with its raspberry-jam essence.

This unique blend creates an elegant texture in the glass that pairs well with many dishes from different cuisines.

Is Dark Horse a Sweet Wine?

No, Dark Horse is not a sweet wine. It is a dry red blend of five different grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. Characteristics of Dark Horse include:

• Aromas of blackberry and plum • Notes of toasted oak and dark chocolate • Medium-bodied tannins for an overall smooth finish

It has no residual sugar which makes it a dryer style of red wine.

How Much Sugar is in a Dark Horse Rose?

A Dark Horse Rose contains 5.5g of sugar per 100ml, or 0.55g of sugar in a standard 175ml glass. The amount of sugar present in this drink is as follows: – 5.5g/100 ml

– 9.25g/175 ml – 11 g/200 ml This can be considered relatively low when compared to other drinks with added sugar, making it a good choice if you are limiting your intake of sweetened beverages.


Is Dark Horse Rosé Sweet

Dark Horse Rosé is a light and refreshing wine with a hint of sweetness. It is made from blends of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes, resulting in aromas of raspberry, melon and citrus. The taste has hints of watermelon, strawberry and peach balanced by bright acidity and delicate minerality.

While it does have some sweetness to it, Dark Horse Rosé is not overly sweet like other rosés on the market.

Is Dark Horse Rose Gluten Free

Yes, Dark Horse Rose is gluten free. The California based winery is committed to producing a variety of wines that meet the needs of their customers, including those with dietary restrictions. They use grapes harvested from their own vineyards and take pride in providing a product that allows everyone to enjoy the pleasure of drinking great wine without fear of adverse reactions due to gluten consumption.

Apothic Rosé

Apothic Rosé is a light, refreshing wine from California’s Central Coast. It has a smooth texture and aromas of strawberry, watermelon, and honeysuckle. The taste includes flavors of raspberry, white peach and orange blossom that blend together for an enjoyable experience.

Its crisp finish pairs perfectly with seafood dishes or lighter fare like salads, cheese plates, and desserts.

Dark Horse Chardonnay

Dark Horse Chardonnay is a deliciously vibrant white wine that has been crafted with an intense focus on quality. This full-bodied chardonnay boasts flavors of ripe apple, pear and toasted oak, all balanced by bright acidity and a smooth finish. With its rich texture and aromas of buttery vanilla, Dark Horse Chardonnay pairs perfectly with seafood dishes or creamy pastas.

Its high-quality flavor profile makes it an excellent choice for any occasion!


In conclusion, Dark Horse Rose is an excellent choice for any wine lover. With its bold and complex flavors of dark cherry, blackberry, and spice, it is sure to satisfy the most discerning palate. Its long finish with hints of tobacco and leather will linger in your memory long after you take your last sip.

It pairs well with a variety of foods and has just enough sweetness to make it enjoyable without being cloying. Whether served as an aperitif or enjoyed alongside dinner, this extraordinary blend will make every occasion special.


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