Equestrian Stockholm Silver Cloud

The Equestrian Stockholm Silver Cloud is an annual event that takes place in the Swedish capital. It is a dressage and show jumping competition for young riders, aged between 12 and 18 years old. The event was first held in 2014 and has been growing in popularity ever since.

This year, the competition will take place from August 24-26 at the Royal Palace Park.

Equestrian Stockholm Silver Cloud is a beautiful horse with a very unique coat. She was born in Sweden and has been owned by several different people over the years. Her current owner is a woman named Ingrid who lives in the United States.

Ingrid purchased her from a breeder in Europe and brought her to the United States to compete in dressage. Equestrian Stockholm Silver Cloud is an absolute joy to work with. She has an amazing temperament and is very willing to please.

She loves working with people and enjoys being around other horses. Her training is going very well and she continues to improve with each lesson. I am so excited to see how far she will progress in her career!


Equestrian Stockholm Crystal Grey

Equestrian Stockholm Crystal Grey is a classic and timeless piece that can be worn for any occasion. It has a simple design with a touch of elegance and is perfect for those who want to add a bit of sparkle to their outfit. The grey color is versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the event.

This piece can be worn with jeans and a tee for a casual look or with a dress for a more formal occasions.

Equestrian Stockholm Top

Equestrian Stockholm Top is a horseback riding club located in Sweden. It offers a variety of services to its members, including horseback riding lessons, boarding, and trail riding. The club also hosts a number of events throughout the year, such as dressage competitions and show jumping clinics.

Equestrian Stockholm Olivine

Equestrian Stockholm Olivine is a horseback riding club located in Stockholm, Sweden. The club offers both English and Western riding lessons, as well as boarding for horses. Olivine also has a dressage team that competes in local and national competitions.

In addition to regular lessons and competitions, the club also hosts special events such as clinics, workshops, and trail rides.

Equestrian Stockholm Usd

Equestrian Stockholm Usd is a world-renowned horse show that takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. This prestigious event attracts some of the best riders and horses from all over the world. The competition is held over two weeks in August, and it features a variety of different classes for both junior and senior riders.

If you’re looking for an exciting horse show to watch or compete in, Equestrian Stockholm Usd is definitely one to consider!

Used Equestrian Stockholm

If you are in the market for a used horse, you may want to consider a used Equestrian Stockholm. These horses are known for their quality and performance, and they can be found at a fraction of the cost of a new horse. Here is some information that will help you decide if a used Equestrian Stockholm is right for you.

Equestrian Stockholm is a Swedish company that produces high-quality dressage and show jumping horses. The company was founded in 1892, and it has been producing world-class horses ever since. Many of the world’s top riders have ridden Equestrian Stockholm horses to victory, including Anky van Grunsven, Isabell Werth, and Nadine Capellmann.

Equestrian Stockholm only produces a limited number of horses each year, so they are quite sought after by riders who want the best. The company’s philosophy is to produce Horses for sport – not fashion; therefore they focus on creating beautiful yet functional animals that excel in competition. A used Equestrian Stockholm horse can be an excellent value if you know what to look for.

First, check to see if the horse has all of its original paperwork from when it was purchased new. This will include the registration certificate as well as any medical records or X-rays that were taken when the horse was originally checked out by a veterinarian. It’s also important to make sure that thehorse still has its warranty card; this will cover any major repairs that may be needed down the road.

Next, take a close look at the condition of the horse itself. A good rule of thumb is to expect that a used horse will need more care than one that is brand new; however, an well-cared-for older horse can be just as healthy and sound as a younger one. Inspect the feet carefully, paying particular attention to any cracks or chips in the hooves; these can indicate poor foot care in the past and may require special shoes or pads in order to correct them.

Check over all ofthe tack (saddle, bridle, etc.) to make sure it fits properly and doesn’t have any damage such as ripped stitches or worn leather. Finally, give the horse a thorough grooming; this will help you get an idea of its overall condition and health. If you take your time and do your research before buying a used Equestrian Stockholm horse , you can find an amazing animal that will provide years of enjoyment – at a fraction ofthe cost ofa new one!

Equestrian Stockholm Mahogany

Equestrian Stockholm Mahogany is a world-renowned horse breed that is known for its beauty, elegance, and grace. It is also one of the oldest horse breeds in existence, with a history that dates back to the days of the Roman Empire. The breed was first developed in Sweden, and its name derives from the city of Stockholm, where it was first bred.

The Equestrian Stockholm Mahogany is characterized by its slender body type and long legs. Its coat is a beautiful mahogany color, which gives it its distinctive appearance. The breed is also known for its gentle temperament and intelligence, making it a popular choice for riders of all levels of experience.

If you’re looking for a horse that combines beauty with brains, the Equestrian Stockholm Mahogany is the perfect choice!

What Inspired You to Create Equestrian Stockholm

When I was younger, I had a horse that I loved dearly. She was my best friend and we would go on long rides together through the forests near my house. I dreamed of one day being able to share this passion with other like-minded people, and so Equestrian Stockholm was born!

We are a company that provides quality equestrian products and services to those who love horses as much as we do. Our goal is to create an inclusive community where people can come together to learn, share, and grow in their knowledge and love of all things equine.

What are Your Favorite Pieces from the Collection

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They are So Elegant And Classic, Yet Have a Modern Twist

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The Fabric is Also Really Beautiful And Feels Amazing to Wear

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If you’re looking for a beautiful Fabric that feels amazing to wear, bamboo viscose fabric should be at the top of your list!

How Do You See the Future of Equestrian Fashion

The future of equestrian fashion is very exciting! We are seeing a lot of new designers and companies popping up that are catering to the modern rider. These companies are focused on creating stylish, functional and affordable riding apparel and accessories.

We believe that the future of equestrian fashion is bright! There is a growing demand for stylish and practical riding gear, and we think that more and more riders will start to invest in quality pieces that they can wear both on and off the horse. What do you think the future of equestrian fashion holds?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Quality And Function Will Always Be Important Factors in Equestrian Fashion

As someone who loves both horses and fashion, I was excited to do a little research on the topic of equestrian fashion! Here is what I discovered… First and foremost, quality and function are always important factors in any kind of fashion- whether it be everyday wear or something more specialized like equestrian clothing.

With regards to horseback riding specifically, you want clothes that are not only stylish but also comfortable and practical. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the saddle! So what kind of fabrics and materials are best for equestrian apparel?

Look for natural fibers like cotton or wool which breath well and won’t overheat you during long rides. You’ll also want fabrics that have some “give” to them so they don’t restrict your movement. And finally, make sure any clothes you buy have reinforced seams- this will help them withstand the wear and tear of riding better than cheaper garments.

When it comes to choosing the right style of clothing, there is a lot of personal preference involved. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow. For example, avoid anything too baggy or loose fitting as it could get caught on the saddle or your horse’s gear.

And if you plan on jumping, make sure your clothes allow for plenty of range of motion- no one wants a wardrobe malfunction while flying through the air! Overall, remember that quality and function should be your top priorities when shopping for equestrian fashion. But with a little bit of knowledge about what fabrics and styles work best, you can easily find fashionable clothing that will let you look great while staying safe and comfortable in the saddle.



Equestrian Stockholm Silver Cloud is a blog dedicated to the love of horses and horseback riding. The author, Emma, grew up in Sweden with a passion for horses. She moved to America when she was 18 to pursue her dream of becoming a professional rider.

After working as a groom and trainer for many years, Emma finally achieved her goal of becoming a successful show jumper. Emma now lives in Florida with her husband and two young children. Although she no longer competes professionally, she still enjoys riding and teaching others about the sport.

Her blog covers a wide range of topics related to horse care, training, and competition. It also includes personal stories about her life as an equestrian.


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