How Much do Jockeys Make

How Much do Jockeys Make



Becoming a jockey is not an obstructive, awkward, and impossible dream. Many have just started it as a fun activity or a rider, but their hard work, determination, and passion make them take it as a profession. How much jockeys make depends on how much effort and hard work you are ready to put into achieving this ambition.

The earnings of a jockey depend on the prize money, standard of race, how many races they are winning, and which position they got in the race. Jockeys usually charge for each ride or a job that they perform, but some of them have work contracts, and they ride for a single trainer. Unlike other players, they are self-employed and do not get a fixed salary.

What do Jockeys do?

Horse racing is impossible without a jockey. Jockeys are amazing riders who have a high class of physical fitness. They need strength and skill to control the high-speed running horse. Jockeys are not just riding horses. They are propelling horses to do their best possible run.

The jockeys have to maintain generally between 108 – 118 pounds of weight to qualify for racing. Maintaining such a low weight is a tough challenge in itself. Jockeys perform their job by connecting with each horse, and it is not just riding horses; they motivate them to achieve their goals and win the race.

The role of jockeys is to understand the needs of horses and find the proper way to control or help them. They also work with trainers and owners to consult the horse and how they can create a strategy to get the best output from the horse and win a race.

Responsibilities of a Jockey

  • Consult with a trainer about the strength and weaknesses of the horse

  • Make strategies and plan for the race in command of trainers

  • Consult the history and evaluate the capabilities of the horse

  • Answering questions about the performance of the horse

  • Maintaining a typical practice and training pattern

  • Maintaining a strict diet plan

Basic Salary of a Jockey

The basic salary of a jockey starts at $10,049 and builds up from there. At the basic level, ride the maiden and claim races in which most horses are not recorded as a win or for sale.

Jockeys with more experience participate in allowance races which are intensified by claiming races but are not as competitive. Professional jockeys usually contend in graded races, as they are the most competitive type of race. These races are worth more money, meaning that jockeys earn more in graded rides.

Per-Race Salary of a Jockey

Per-race earning of a jockey depends on the experience, work record, and the number of winning the race, so it is different for every jockey. A winning jockey can get 10% of the prize money. The minimum earning of a jockey is $28 and as much as a million dollars per race.

As I mentioned, it is also based on the standard of a race, like in a Triple Crown race (American horse racing competition); the jockey who was not even in the top five earns as low as $500. If they are working through an agent, they must pay some commission to agents. Most jockeys are not running a race for the money, but preferably they are racing for the love of the ride.

Yearly Salary of a Jockey

The yearly earnings of a median jockey are $48,880. The maiden horse Jockeys make between $48,882 and $123,036, and the top-ranking and professional jockeys make $271,427 to 2 million a year.

The word jockey denotes experience, professionalism, hard work, and talent, and all of these qualities require much time. That is why only a few jockeys become millionaires during their careers. Professional jockeys prefer to compete in graded races and allowance races because they can win more in these races.

Tips to Become the Best Jockey and Earn Batter

  • Maintain your weight and fitness with a healthy diet. Jockeys need to manage their weight between 50 kg to 52 kg, so you must have a balanced and good diet.

  • Strictly follow your daily exercise routine because a jockey needs strong stamina and flexibility to control the horse and perform best in the race.

  • Understand the horse’s behaviour and abilities and discuss it with the trainer to get more information about the race and horse. Every horse has a different power and nature, so it is essential to understand that.

Being a jockey is a thrilling and fantastic profession with the opportunity to ride different horses in different places. Becoming a highly paid jockey requires skill, dedication, experience, and patience.

There is no field where you can earn much without dedication and hard work. It is the same as a jockey, so focus on the requirements, polish your skill, work hard, and do your best and achieve your goals.

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