Lyrics to Beer for My Horses

Beer for My Horses is a song written by Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick, and recorded by American country music artist Toby Keith with Willie Nelson as a duet. The lyrics describe two men riding horses to town in search of justice for their friend who was wronged by an outlaw. They are motivated by the prospect of “cold beer at the end of this long dusty road.”

In the chorus, they sing: “Take ’em down to the river turn ’em loose set ’em free Take my guns to town keep ’em under lock and key

Go find that man that did this dirty deed then bring him back so we can all have a cold beer for my horses”. Throughout the song, there is an underlying theme of justice being served through vigilante action taken against those who break society’s laws. This idea is further reinforced in lines such as: “Let’s ride boys let’s go get him tonight/ We’ll teach him what it means when people say you do wrong”.

Beer for My Horses tells the story of a man who’s had enough of the injustice and violence in his town, so he rides off with his buddy to take matters into their own hands. The song captures the idea of justice being served by a few good men, as they ride off on horseback to right wrongs and restore peace. It’s an exciting tale that speaks to all those looking for something greater than themselves.

Ultimately, Beer for My Horses is a reminder that there are still heroes out there willing to fight for what’s right – no matter how tough things get!


Beer For My Horses **LYRICS**

Beer for My Horses Meaning

The phrase “Beer for My Horses” is a popular expression that originated in the United States and has been adopted by many countries around the world. The phrase reflects an attitude of hard work, independence, and camaraderie among cowboys, ranchers, and other rural folk who rely on horses to get their jobs done. It’s also a call to enjoy life – after all that hard work comes relaxation with friends over some cold beer!

Beer for My Horses Lynching

Beer For My Horses Lynching is a symbolic act of white supremacy and racism that was popular in the early 20th century. The practice involved hanging an effigy of an African American man from a tree while bystanders sang “Beer for My Horses” or similar songs with derogatory lyrics. This ritual was often accompanied by violence, including physical assaults on black people, and served as a reminder to African Americans of their place within society.

While largely faded from modern times, Beer For My Horses Lynching remains one of the most disturbing symbols of racial injustice in America’s past.

Beer for My Horses Full Movie

Beer for My Horses is a 2008 Western comedy film starring Toby Keith and Rodney Carrington. It follows two small-town friends who attempt to rescue the girl of one’s dreams from a Mexican drug lord. The movie was released on August 8, 2008 in the United States and Canada, receiving mostly negative reviews from critics but being praised by some fans as an enjoyable romp through the old West.

Beer for My Horses Lyrics And Chords

“Beer for My Horses” is an iconic song by Toby Keith, released in 2003. The lyrics to the song tell a story of two lawmen who take justice into their own hands and set out on a mission to bring down criminals. The chords are simple but powerful, making it great for beginners to learn as they start learning guitar playing.

Whether you’re looking for a good drinking anthem or just some fun music to play along with friends, “Beer for My Horses” is sure to provide hours of entertainment!

What is the Meaning of Beer for My Horses?

Beer for my horses is an expression commonly used to refer to having a good time. It can mean partying, gathering with friends or just enjoying life in general. The phrase “beer for my horses” originated from the Toby Keith song of the same name.

The lyrics describe a group of men going out on horseback and riding into town to get some beer and have a good time. This phrase has become popular among partygoers who use it as an invitation for others to join them in having fun. It also serves as a reminder that no matter how hard life gets, it’s important to take some time out and enjoy yourself every now and then.

– Have a good time: Party, gather with friends or just enjoy life in general – Originated from Toby Keith song of the same name – Popular among partygoers; used as an invitation

– Reminder that no matter how hard life gets, take some time out and enjoy yourself occasionally Beer for my horses is an expression which conveys taking pleasure in day-to-day activities like spending quality moments with your loved ones or simply making memories by doing something you love. This phrase encourages us all to make sure we don’t forget about our hobbies even when work becomes overwhelming!

Where Did the Saying Whiskey for My Men Beer for My Horses Come From?

The phrase “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses” is a popular expression of the Wild West era. It’s unknown who first uttered it, but the phrase has become synonymous with cowboys and their hardworking nature. It likely originated from an old country song written by Toby Keith entitled “Who’s Your Daddy?” in 2002.

The song gained popularity after being released as a single later that year. Benefits of Whiskey & Beer: • Whiskey was used as currency or payment to ranch hands during this time period.

• Beer provided hydration to help prevent heatstroke among workers in hot weather conditions such as found on cattle drives. The saying serves as a reminder that hard work should be rewarded; however, it also highlights the importance of moderation when consuming alcohol – something that many people have forgotten today!

Who Wrote Whiskey for My Men Beer for My Horses?

Whiskey for My Men Beer for My Horses was written by Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick. The song was released in 2002 on the album “Unleashed”. It became one of Keith’s most successful singles, peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

The song is a tribute to traditional country music and its fans, celebrating their love of drinking whiskey and beer together. Notable features include a fiddle part from Johnny Gimble, as well as backing vocals from Willie Nelson and Mel Tillis. The lyrics were influenced by both Keith’s grandfathers who used to enjoy such beverages when they went out cow-roping in Oklahoma during the 1950s.

Bullet Point List: • Written by Toby Keith & Scotty Emerick • Released on “Unleashed” album (2002)

What Movie is the Song Beer for My Horses From?

Beer for My Horses is a song by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson. It was featured in the 2003 movie of the same name, Beer for My Horses. The movie follows two small-town deputies who travel to Mexico to take down a druglord responsible for their friend’s death.

The movie features many other well-known country music stars including: * Trace Adkins * Gretchen Wilson

* Joe Nichols * Big & Rich In addition to the soundtrack, Beer for My Horses also includes some great comedic performances from Rodney Carrington and Ted Nugent.

The film is an action-comedy that will have you laughing throughout!


This blog post has highlighted the importance of country music and its ability to capture the spirit of rural America. Through Toby Keith’s “Beer for My Horses,” we have seen how storytelling through song can bring people together, no matter their differences. The lyrics are not only a tribute to his childhood friends and mentors but also a reminder that true friendship is worth celebrating with a beer or two.

We can all take away something from this classic country anthem, whether it be the power of nostalgia, the resilience of small-town life, or simply an appreciation for good old fashioned fun.


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