Most Beautiful Horses in the World 2022


Horses have been dearly admired and celebrated in cultural artwork and literature for thousands of years. In some cultures, horses were even considered Gods.


According to some equine experts, there are more than 200 horse breeds worldwide today. Certain species of horses capture the hearts of humans, even though all horses are beautiful in their way. This write-up will discuss what we deem the most beautiful horses in the world.

Most beautiful horses in the world




The Friesians horse breed is among the most beautiful horse breeds in the world. Friesians are native to the Dutch province of Friesland. They have a calm demeanour despite being used centuries ago as war horses. They are eager to learn, social, and willing to please their owners. Friesian horses are also known for their flowing manes and tails, and their thick feathers make watching them fly up and down a joy. Their unusual movement and elegant appearance made them attractive pullers of carriages for European royalty. The breed is difficult to maintain and requires much care.


One of the most beautiful ancient horse breeds, the Akhal-Teke, is renowned for its metallic shine. This breed has been around for over 3,000 years and originates from Turkmenistan. The most attractive fact about horses is that they shine like gold. Well, it has to do with the unusual structure of their hair. Transparent medullas replace the opaque layer of the hair, which bends light into a metallic glow. These horses are the best choice if you want disciplined long-distance riding. The hardiness, manner, and unique shine distinguish this breed from the other species and make it one of the world’s prettiest horses.



The chestnut colouring of Haslingers and flaxen manes and tails distinguish them from other horses. This group originated and developed in Austria and northern Italy during the late 19th century. Haflinger are agile, muscular, and graceful horse breed. The reason behind creating a breed like Haflinger is that horses are ideal for agricultural and forestry work. Besides, the horses have been used in the Austrian army and are adept at handling rough terrain, making them one of the most beautiful and challenging horses on the earth.


Furthermore, the Haflinger horse is an excellent all-arounder and is often used for different purposes. The horses were used for military services. Because of their good nature, people now use these horses for riding and carrying goods.

The Black Forest Horse


The black forest horse is a beautiful, stylish working horse with a long history. The golden manes of Haflinger horses go naturally with their golden chestnut coats. With the Black Forest Horse, the flaxen hair stands out against its deep chestnut coat. The horses are also famous for their great temperature.


Black Forest horses are light draft horses known for their beauty and are often referred to as “Pearls of the Black Forest” by the farmers.

Andalusian Horse


It is a breed of horse from the Iberian Peninsula, known as the Pure Spanish Horse. Since the 15th century, it has been recognized as a distinct breed. It is known as a war horse and was highly valued by the nobility for its prowess. Andalusian horses are long, thick manes and tails, which give them a strong, compact, yet elegant appearance. Although they can be found in a variety of colours of coats, grey is the most common. They are intelligent, sensitive, and docile.



The colour markings on this American breed are pretty prominent. The spotted pattern is unique to this breed. This breed of horse, which originated from multiple species of horse bred throughout its history, has a vast array of body types. The Appaloosa breed would be of interest to anyone interested in the genetics of coat colour.

Marwari Horse


The next horse breed in our most beautiful horse in the world is the Marwari horse. The Marwari horses are a rare horse breed and are mainly found in Rajasthan, India. It is known for strength and endurance. Throughout history, the Marwari was a fighting horse used by people in northern India. It is also known for its inward-sinking ear tips and different colours.

Paso Fino


This handsome Spanish breed’s smooth gait makes it one of the best-looking horses. This horse’s soft, natural gait and four-beat pace make it ideal for trail riding but is also used in many other disciplines.


Final Words


We have a list of the world’s most beautiful horses in this article. The list of horses does not stop there; hundreds of breeds of horses exist. Gipsy horses, Percherons, Knibstruppers, and American Quarter horses are some of the other horses that are well known for their stunning appearance and superb quality.

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