Round Bale Feeder for Horses

A round bale feeder for horses is a device used to contain and dispense hay to horses. It usually consists of a circular frame with an opening in the center, into which a large round bale of hay can be placed. The sides of the frame are designed to keep the horse from stepping on or damaging the hay while they eat it, and some models also include an adjustable top cover that can protect against inclement weather.

Round bale feeders are available in various sizes so they can accommodate different sized animals, and may also have features such as dividers to separate multiple horses eating at once.

Round bale feeders can be a great solution for horse owners looking to save time and money when it comes to feeding their horses. By using round bale feeders, you can keep hay off the ground and out of the mud, reducing waste and ensuring your horses get access to clean, nutritious hay. Round bale feeders also allow you to easily store multiple large round bales at once so that your horses always have plenty of food available.

Feeding with round baler feeders is also much safer for both the horse and handler as there are no sharp edges or pointed corners like those found on square bales.


Are Round Bale Feeders Safe for Horses?

Round bale feeders are a safe and efficient way to provide hay for horses. Advantages of round bale feeders include: – Minimizing waste, as the hay is protected from wind and rain, meaning less nutrients lost over time.

– Reducing the risk of colic or choke due to ingestion of dust particles or large chunks of hay. – Allowing multiple horses access to one feeder without them fighting over food. In conclusion, round bale feeders are an effective and safe option for providing nourishment for horses.

What Kind of Round Bale Feeder for Horses?

A round bale feeder is an essential part of keeping horses fed with hay. It helps to keep the hay from being scattered around, thus reducing waste. Here are some features to look for when selecting a round bale feeder for horses:

* Sturdy construction – Look for strong metal or composite materials that can withstand wear and tear in outdoor conditions. * Weatherproof coatings – Make sure the surface has been treated with a rust-resistant coating so it will last longer. * Feed openings – Ensure they are wide enough to allow easy access but small enough to prevent hay wastage due to windy conditions.

Ultimately, the best round bale feeder will be one that meets your horse’s needs while providing maximum protection against weather damage and wastefulness.

How Do You Feed a Round Bale Horse?

Feeding a round bale horse can be easy and economical. Here are some tips: * Select hay that is of good quality and free from mold, dirt, or debris.

* Unwrap the netting around the bale to allow your horses unrestricted access to hay as they graze. * Put out a mineral block for your horses to supplement their nutrient intake. * Place several large posts in the ground near your round bale so that it won’t move during grazing.

* Monitor your horse’s weight regularly and make adjustments accordingly. Providing adequate nutrition is essential for keeping a healthy horse – following these steps will help ensure that you provide them with all they need!

How Long Will a Round Bale of Hay Feed a Horse?

A round bale of hay can feed a horse for approximately one to two months. The amount of time the hay will last depends on several factors such as: • The size and weight of the horse

• How much hay is eaten each day • Quality of the hay In general, an average-sized horse eating 1% – 2% bodyweight in forage daily will consume a 500-pound round bale in approximately one month.

A Large Bale Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

Safest Round Bale Feeder for Horses

Round bale feeders are a great way to provide hay for horses in an efficient and cost-effective manner. While there is no one single “safest” round bale feeder, some models are designed with safety measures in mind such as strong metal grates that keep the horse from getting its head stuck or even having access to the inside of the feeder. Other features to look out for include rubber-coated bars that prevent splinters and sharp edges, large openings that allow easy access but not too big where a horse can get caught up, and secure fasteners so the structure stays solid even during inclement weather.

Best Round Bale Feeder for Horses

A round bale feeder is an essential tool for horse owners looking to better manage and protect their hay supply. Round bales are large, heavy, and difficult to move around, so a correctly designed feeder can help keep the hay safe from waste or theft while still providing easy access for your horses. The best round bale feeders are adjustable in size and feature sturdy construction materials like galvanized steel that can stand up to years of use.

They should also have openings small enough to prevent horses from sticking their heads inside, as well as a roof or other covering that will protect the hay from the elements.


In conclusion, a round bale feeder for horses is an essential piece of equipment that every horse owner should consider investing in. Not only does it help prevent waste and reduce mess, but it also keeps your hay clean and dry which allows you to get the most out of your hay investment. Furthermore, by allowing horses access to their food more frequently throughout the day, this type of feeder can improve digestion as well as behavior and overall health.

Investing in a round bale feeder will ultimately save time and money while greatly benefiting your horses.


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