Traverse City Horse Show

The Show was established in 2015 and has become some of the most prestigious gatherings in North America.


The only goal is to make our activities and location among North America’s top equestrian travel destinations. It is sharing our love of equestrian sports, helping our sport flourish, playing an essential role in the communities, and making a difference.


Schedule of Horse Show 



After event administration and government representatives agreed on the concerns threatening to force the cancellation of this year’s contest, the thirteen-week Traverse City Horse Shows series will proceed as scheduled this summer.


According to a deal made on Thursday between TCHS and representatives of Acme Township, Michigan, the Show’s Flintfields Horse Park location, the events will be permitted to begin on June 8 as planned. According to the contract, show administration must finish any environmental, health, and safety upgrades mandated by the township by June 2 and may postpone the fulfilment of remaining requirements until Nov. 15, which is two months after the 2022 season finishes.


Event Info

Traverse City Horse Shows is dedicated to providing our competitors, exhibitors, and spectators with the best possible environment. Our mission is a joyful experience for everyone involved with our events.

Great athleticism: With over $4 million in the prize pool, three months of FEI and national-level riders, hunters, and equitation contest, renowned instructional designers, and events for all abilities, TCHS draws Olympic athletes, top instructors, pros, amateur, and young horse riders from all over the world. FEI North American Youth Jumping and Dressage Championships, two weeks of Major League Show Jumping CSI 5* competition, and other unique events and championship games will be held in our honour from Aug 9-14, 2022.

Great Location: As part of a much larger planning system for the area, Traverse City Horse Shows has invested significantly in strategically enhancing Flintfields Horse Park since 2015. New ground, racing and training rings, stable monitoring pavilions, roof structure umbrellas, and pads in the stabling zone, among other projects, have all been finished.

Excellent Hospitality: We encourage our guests to unwind and enjoy the fun, so we have everything from a classy VIP Club overseeing the Grand Prix and Jumper Annex Ring to relaxed ringside pubs and lounge areas. Our mission is to be the FUN horse exhibition with a loaded calendar of happy hours, pizza parties, and other special events. Are you trying to find things to do at night? For travellers to enjoy the use of all their stay, our on-site concierge may give recommendations for fantastic restaurants, vineyards, and other leisure pursuits.

Excellent Entertainment: Not your typical horse show like other big-league athletic activities, we think offering entertaining programming is essential. Traverse Band of Ottawa with Chippewa Indians, and we host fun events, including a farmers market, a horseless horse show, autograph signings, special exhibitions, and cultural events on Sundays.



A $30,000 prize for the Outstanding Professional Jumper rider will be given out in 2022 during Traverse City Spring and count toward the overall standings at the American Gold Cup.

The Traverse City Hunter & Derby Championships will come back with more prize money promised during the summer and fall seasons in Traverse City. It will cost $325,000 to attend the $100,000 Traverse City Hunter Pro Derby Finals, which will include add-back money in every class through registration in the Traverse City Hunter Incentive Scheme. Updated details about how the Traverse City Hunter Incentive program qualifies are included in the spring 2019 award list.


The American Gold Cup Grand Prix at Traverse City Horse Shows started at $138,600 and ended at $405,600 per ticket. New in 2022: One local charity will get 100% of each week’s ticket revenue. You have to use the discount code for the chosen charity. The ticketed weeks and an event schedule are listed for audiences.


We can assist you if you have queries about exhibiting at Flintfields Horse Park or attending to observe as a spectator. The facility is on the left after half a mile at 6111 95th Street Circle E.

Why Is Traverse City Horse Show Popular?

Traverse City Horse Show is famous for many reasons, one being that it is open to spectators. People around can come out and watch the horses compete in classes like Jumping and Western Riding. The Show also offers events such as Barrel Racing and Pole Bending competitions, which are just as fun to watch.

Bottom Lines

The popularity of horse shows has been increasing in recent years, and there are many reasons for this. Horse shows are a great source of entertainment and can be very exciting to watch. Attend one of the Traverse City horse shows, and bring your family and you to have a great time together.

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