Wild Horses Movie Cast

The cast of the movie Wild Horses includes Robert Duvall, James Franco, Josh Hartnett, Adrian Pasdar, and Luciana Pedraza. Robert Duvall plays Scott Briggs, a retired Texas Ranger who returns to his hometown after 15 years away to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his son. James Franco portrays Cal Briggs, Scott’s estranged son who is also a former drug addict struggling with addiction.

Josh Hartnett stars as Cash McCool, an ex-convict on parole and Cal’s best friend. Adrian Pasdar stars as Sheriff Sam Turner and Luciana Pedraza plays Sofia Sandoval, Cal’s girlfriend who works for a local rancher. All five actors bring their own unique style and talent to this gripping film about broken relationships and justice in the old west.

The cast of the upcoming movie Wild Horses is sure to impress. Lead roles are played by Hollywood heavyweights, James Marsden and Thomas Haden Church, both of whom have received critical acclaim for their work in the past. Joining them are Golden Globe nominee Molly Parker, rising star Josh Wiggins, and newcomer Talitha Bateman.

This talented ensemble promises to bring a powerful story about family legacy and redemption to life on the big screen.


Where Did Movie Wild Horses Take Place?

Wild Horses is an American drama film that takes place in the small, rural town of Montrose, West Virginia. The movie follows Samantha Payne and her brother Jay as they attempt to protect a herd of wild horses from being sold off by their father’s creditors. • The movie was primarily filmed in West Virginia.

• Other filming locations include Georgia and New Mexico. • Montrose, West Virginia served as the main location for Wild Horses. Montrose provided the perfect backdrop for this story due to its picturesque scenery and rolling hills which were highlighted throughout the film.

From scenic backdrops to local culture, Wild Horses captured all facets of life in a small town community with great detail and accuracy; making it one of the most beloved films to come out of recent years!

How Did the Movie Wild Horses End?

The movie Wild Horses ended with a bittersweet resolution. * Robert, the teenage protagonist, finds his biological father and learns more about his past. * His mother returns to their home in Texas after abandoning them 14 years earlier.

* After an emotional reunion, Robert’s family is able to move forward together. Robert ultimately comes to terms with his identity and creates a new path for himself. The film ends on an optimistic note as he rides away on wild horses into the horizon of his new future.

Who Played the Female Texas Ranger in Wild Horses?

Samantha Morton played the female Texas Ranger in Wild Horses. She is an English actress, screenwriter, and director who has been acclaimed for her work as a character actor. Her career highlights include:

• Morton’s Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her role in Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown (1999). • Her BAFTA TV Award win for Single Drama Longford (2006). • A Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama for In America (2003).

Morton has starred in numerous films throughout her career, including Minority Report (2002), John Carter (2012) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016).

Why is Wild Horses Movie Rated R?

Wild Horses is rated R for a variety of reasons. – The movie contains strong language, including profanity and sexual references. – It also includes violence, drug use, and mature themes that are not suitable for young viewers.

– Additionally, the movie contains scenes of nudity which may be considered inappropriate by some audiences. Overall, Wild Horses has earned an R rating due to its mature content which makes it unsuitable for younger viewers.

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Wild Horses Movie Ending Explained

The ending of the movie Wild Horses unpacks a lot of plot points that had been established throughout its duration. After it is revealed that Scott, the main protagonist, killed his father in self-defence as a child and was covering for his mother who had been protecting him all along, he finally finds peace with himself and lets go of the guilt he has carried for so long. He returns to his family’s ranch and takes on the responsibility of caring for the wild horses there; it is an apt metaphor for him taking control back over his own life after being consumed by guilt from this traumatic event.

Wild Horses Movie 1998

The 1998 movie Wild Horses is a drama about the struggles of two brothers and their attempts to reconnect after being separated for 15 years. The film stars Matt Damon, Robert Duvall, James Franco, and Josh Brolin in leading roles as the two estranged siblings. It was written and directed by Vincent Balzano and received positive reviews from critics who praised its complex character development and poignant themes.

Who Killed Jimmy in Wild Horses

In Wild Horses, the film’s central mystery surrounds who killed Jimmy. Jimmy was a ranch hand working for the family at Silver Springs Ranch and he is found dead under suspicious circumstances. The investigation leads to multiple suspects, including members of the ranching family as well as an ex-convict with ties to the area.

Ultimately, it is revealed that one of the ranch owners’ sons had killed Jimmy in a fit of jealous rage after discovering his girlfriend was cheating on him with Jimmy.

Where was the 1985 Movie Wild Horses Filmed

The 1985 movie Wild Horses was filmed on location in the United States, primarily in Wyoming and Montana. The western drama follows a rancher’s daughter who goes on an epic journey to find her father after he is accused of murder. The stunning scenery of both states provide the perfect backdrop for this classic cowboy tale.


Wild Horses is an upcoming movie with a star-studded cast. Robert Duvall, Josh Hartnett, and James Franco have all signed on to the project as well as director Robert Redford. This film promises to be a captivating story of family bonds and broken relationships that will draw audiences in from beginning to end.

With an incredible ensemble of actors and the sure-handed direction of Robert Redford, Wild Horses looks set to be one of the most exciting films of the year.


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